Intelligent Weighing and Packing System


The units:
1.Vibration feeder
2.Z type conveyor
3.Multihead weigher(10 head, 14 head, 20 head,24 head, 32 head is optional)
4.Working platform
5.Vertical form fill seal(VFFS) packing machine
6.Finished product conveyor
7.Check weigher
8.Metal detector
It is suitable for weighing and packing of granule, slice shape such as cereal, pasta, candy, seed, chips, coffee bean, nut, puffy food, biscuit, chocolate, pet food, frozen food, etc. It is also suitable for non-food industry such as screws, bolts and plastic components.
Main Features:
1.Automatically complete all the process from feeding, weighing, filling, bag-making and sealing,date-printing to finished products outputting.
2.High weighing precision and efficiency.
3.Wide range application for various materials.
Technical characteristics:
1.Weinview touch screen display, operation is easy.
2.PLC control system, function is more stable, parameters can be adjusted without stopping the machine.
3.10 programs can be saved, changing product is easy.
4.Servo motor drawing film ensuring accurate position.
5.Temperature independent control system, with precision within 1℃.
6.Independent control of Horizontal and vertical temperature, suitable for various mix film, PE film, etc.
7.Packing type diversification, pillow sealing, standing type, bags-connected punching etc.
8.Bag-making, sealing, packing, printing date in one operation.
9.Clean and low-noise working circumstance.