TY-XM4L3.0 4head linear weigher
It is suitable for tiny granule products such as sugar,salt,seed,rice,sesame,gourmet,coffee beans and seasonings,etc.
Main Features:
*Original program can be restored.
*Piece counting function.
*IP65 certificate
*Unqualified weight reject.
*Step motor angle can be set according to different product.
*99 program can be preset.
*Each hopper can be a signal weigher.
*Product mix function is available.
Special Features:
*Modular electronic system makes function expanding and maintenance easier and at lowest cost.
Weighing Range 20g~2000g
Weighing Accuracy ±0.2g~±2g
Max.Weighing Speed 10~50WPM
Hopper Capacity 3.0L
Operation Panel 7 inch touch screen
Control System MCU
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50HZ(60HZ), 1KW
Packing Dimension 1500mm(L)*1200mm(W)*1115mm(H)
Net Weight 160KG
Packing Weight 235KG