TY-TXR-2480 X-ray Inspection System
Application profile
A full-range inspection of contaminants including metal, non-metal(glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc). It can inspect the metallic packing products such as te aluminum foil packing and canned product. It will also not be affected by the changes of temperature humidity, and the influence of the salt content.
*Up to eight grade image processing technology to achieve the best product adaptability and stability.
*Shielding function.
*Spare parts are well-known imported brands to ensure the performance and service life of the machine .
*15-inch touch screen display, easy to operate.
*Auto-setting function.
*Automatically save the product images, which is convenient for users analysis and tracking.
*X-ray leakage meets FDA and CE standards.
*Perfect  safe operation monitoring to prevent the leakage from mis-operation.
*Simple to disassemble, easy to clean and reliable security.
*Equipped with industrial air condition.
*Completely sealed structure to avoid dust.
*Environmental humidity can reach 90%.
*Environmental temperature can reach -10℃~40℃.
Technical Specifications
X-ray Tube MAX.80KV, 150W
Inspection Width 240mm
Inspection Height 110mm
Best Inspection Ability SUS Ball Φ0.3mm, SUS Wire Φ0.2*2mm
Conveyor Speed 10~70m/min
Display Screen Full-color TFT 15″ Touch Screen
Connectivity LAN Port, USB Port
Power Supply AC220V(Optional)
Main Material SUS304
The technical parameter above namely is the result of sensitivity by inspecting only the test sample on the belt. The sensitivity would be affected according to the products being inspected.