TY-P14L5.0 Multihead Weigher
It is suitable for weighing of light weight,big volume materials and big target weight like large of nuts,vegetable,salad.
Main Features:
1,Original program can be restored.
2,Easy cleaning and maintenance with clean function, all hoppers can stay open
3,Piece counting function
4,IP65 certificate
5,Unqualified weight reject
6,Step motor angle can be set according to different product
7,99 program can be preset
Special Features:
1,Modular electronic system makes function expanding and maintenance easier and at lowest cost
2,Professional A/D card with high accuracy and stability. Interchange is available
3,HMI program with different authority management more user-friendly
4,HMI program can be upgraded by U-disk
5,PLC control system applied in the weigher and it makes machine more stable and low fault rate.Functions expanding more easier.
6,Application software can be upgraded by memory card.
7,Remote control is available.
Technical Specifications
Model  TY-P14L5.0
Weighing Range 10-5000g
Weighing Accuracy ±0.1-3g
 Max. Weighing Speed 120WPM
 Hopper Volume 5.0L
Operation Panel 10.4 inch touch screen
Control System PLC
Power Supply AC220V ±10% ,50Hz(60Hz) 2KW
Packing Dimension 2300(L)×1530(W)×1720(H)mm
Net Weight 597KG
Packing Weight 800KG