TY-IMD-50 Metal Detector
Application profile
Detecting all metal detector contaminants in packaged and non-packaged food, including ferrous metal(Fe), non-ferrous metal(Copper, Aluminum etc) and stainless steel.
1.Mature phase adjustment technology, avoiding shortcomings like no phase of LC anoloy circuit, low stability, without products suppressionn function and machine aging caused by time and temperature
2.Fast learn product character automatically and finish Auto-setting process
3.Automatic rewind function, dispense with handing large products
4.52 products can be restored in database.
5.LCD, Chinese-English menu, easy operation
6.Dust and water proof, easy to cleaned
Technical Specifications
Model 5020,5025
Detection Width 500mm
Detection Height 200mm,250mm
Sensitivity Fe

Φ1.0mm, Φ1.2mm





Belt Width 460mm
Loading Capacity 20kg~100kg
Power Supply AC220V(Optional)
Product Storage Quantity 52kinds
1.The technical parameter above namely is the result of sensitivity by detecting only the test sample on the belt. The concrete sensitivity would be affected according to the products being detected, working condition and also the different positions the metal mixed with.
2.Requirements for different sizes by customers can be fulfilled.